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43% of rankings included Chris Piks, Tony Mafia, Kompa, Randon, Boeseman, Domingo Caballero, Gabby Diaz, Buben, Laex, Dalca, Nule, Voltac, Teknotik, Basscontroll, Allan Eissen, Duck Sandoval, Atze Ton, Black Chef
23% of rankings included Boeseman, Tony Mafia, Francesco Catanzaro, JRT, Nacho Rio, Paulo Rio, OverBrook, Toxic D.N.A, Marver, Handsome Audience, Duck Sandoval, Cesar Ascoy, Black Chef, Tek.Ka, Desaxe (FR), Teknotik, Basscontroll, Concat, WILDNOISE, Andrea Graziani, Speed Mode, Andrei Gabriel, Ak (BE), M.uckermann, Blank & Blanker, Theo Aguilera, Black Chef, Modrocker, Mike Spinx, AnToN KuRT, Ronny Kwizt
20% of rankings included Jiberish
10% of rankings included Gandra, Tony Mafia, Rubén De Madame, Pancho Galvez, Koston Ferelly, BASS X 92, Nykoluke, DJ Saver Kill Bill, Alejandro Alfaro, Antonio Sepe, Rico Star, Dan Lonly, Aamori, Youko, Dookieb
3% of rankings included Mellow Gellow, Ak (BE), A C R U X, Nacho Rio, Paulo Rio, Tony Mafia, Boeseman, Toxic D.N.A, AnToN KuRT, Rosber, Kompa, Randon, Dalca, Kevin Ehrlich, Andres Galeano, Handsome Audience, Black Chef, Speed Mode, OverBrook, Arkanzas, Jiberish, Alexandre 666, Komarov, EmilaNO (AR), Laex, Buben, Andrei Gabriel, Black Chef, Tony Mafia, Modrocker, Theo Aguilera, Toxic D.N.A, M.uckermann, Mike Spinx

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