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10% of rankings included Fon.Leman, Vadim Soloviev, Shingo Nakamura, Cramp
10% of rankings included PROFF
9% of rankings included Alexey Sonar, Cramp, Fon.Leman, Vadim Soloviev, Matt Fax, PROFF, Suspect 44, Cosmonaut, Shingo Nakamura, Danny Voltage, Aerofeel5, Blend, MDK, Evave, Juvelis
7% of rankings included Feu D'Or, Envotion, Amor Entrave, Sebastian Weikum, Alexey Sonar, Boom Jinx, Alakai, Guy J, LTN, Ad Brown, Local Heroes, Fon.Leman, Cosmonaut, Common Grounds, PROFF, D Mad, Aleksey Sladkov, Matao, Pete K, Eddie Bitz, Cramp, Aji Mon Nair, Midge, Agent89, Vadim Soloviev, Drew Darcy, V I F, Artego, Deep Lark, Makosh, NameL, Intri Kate, Evgeny Svalov, Envotion, PROFF
4% of rankings included Cramp, Laura Cyganik, Lauren Moore, Miah Draper, Aneym, Sanna Hartfield, Matt Fax
3% of rankings included Fon.Leman
3% of rankings included Envotion, Moonvibe, Ad Brown, Kellsi, Deep Lark, Haxxy, Maxim Klein, Bring Bliss, Sonya P., Vadim Soloviev, Drew Darcy, Evave, ELGans, Eleven Fly, Creative 5, Pete K, Stas Isometrica, PROFF, Fon.Leman, Cloudive
3% of rankings included Feu D'Or, Vadim Soloviev, Alexey Sonar, Roddy Reynaert, Sergey Tkachev, PROFF, Ad Brown, Ben Coda, Fon.Leman, Cramp, Matt Fax, Poison Pro, Sebastian Weikum, Suspect 44, Envotion, Cosmonaut, Artego, Boom Jinx, Pete K, D Mad, Max Ruby, Haxxy, Eddie Bitz, Karas, Filatov, Julian Wess, Moonvibe, Diana Miro, 8Kays, Sunn Jellie, PROFF, Envotion, Jaytech, Andre Sobota, Fon.Leman, Tom & Hills, Sebastian Weikum, Alexey Sonar, Karas, Filatov

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